Because Infinity Logistics is compliance focused, centralized and forwarder-neutral, we deliver solutions and ensure that any compliance decision is applied consistently across all relevant transactions. Our system is designed for the prompt relay of new information to all interested parties within our organization, and we ensure seamless coordination of any new information with new processes when necessary. In addition, we have incorporated several audit mechanisms into our model: in addition to our routine compliance audit process, we also conduct individual post entry audits at the time of invoice. Any discrepancy is immediately addressed, and additional training is arranged, as needed.

The Compliance arm of Infinity Logistics is continuously working on process improvement and the use of internal best practice procedures. Some members of our EU staff have actually been involved in the creation of the European AEO concept (both for Customs procedures and Security) and are often used as consultants by national Customs administrations throughout the world when they want to establish or improve their client authorization programs.

Infinity Logistics is a consortium of European Customs brokerage and compliance specialists that provides extensive coverage throughout the European Union. The group is composed of: Samuel Shapiro & Company, Inc., a third generation family business, established in 1915 in Baltimore, MD and Charles Kendall Freight Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Charles Kendall Group, which is a privately held third generation family business, established in 1946 in the UK. This Joint Venture was formally established in 2011.